Matt is an international man of mystery and travels the globe doing ridiculous sh*t. He constantly learns, trains, and teaches the best athletes in the world. He has taught snowboarding professionally for over 13 years and has run snowboard camps in Snow Park, New Zealand and Canada, has coached at the highest level including countless professional snowboarders, national team riders and snowboard enthusiasts alike.

Be warned Matt is not your typical snowboard coach because he treats learning snowboarding like Martial Arts. Meaning at their core snowboarding and Martial Arts are about the development of the mind, body and soul and should be used as a tool for self expression and growth. Matt’s snowboard training focuses on fitness, functional/focused training, and mental training, which combined together produce astounding results with students.

Matt’s main passion is the mind, self development, growth and excellence. He has meditated with Tibetan monks in Nepal, trekked mount Everest, trained MMA with professional fighters in Thailand and suffered the cruel tutelage of “LEGIT” 34th degree Shaolin monks in China all to grow, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and to test his limits! This has caused him to gain recognition as a world class sport psychologist and mental strength coach, Martial Arts, Fitness and Success Coach and Trainer.

He is constantly learning from the best, coaching passionate young athletes in a variety of sports, travelling, and experiencing life to the fullest. Matt wants nothing more than to achieve his highest potential and help you do the same!

Wishing you a life of passion, joy and love!

– Matt Belair

PS: If you want to learn more about snowboarding, sport psychology for snowboarding (or any other sport), mediation, the law of attraction, fitness, martial arts, overcoming fear, overcoming pain, controlling the mind, living a life of passion… send me an email, I can probably help with that ;)