Due to the fact that Matt (me) is a Nomadic free spirit, galavanting across the globe to different exotic locations and the best snowboard spots on earth you’re going to have to email me to get on the wait list for most coaching and camps . . . BUT never fear, there are solutions!

Option #1: Private Snowboard Coaching or Camps

2013_Marq_WInter_X_Big_Air_Podium_Torstein_Horgmo-1If you’re super serious about taking your riding to the next level, this is a fantastic option. However, times are limited because I’m usually ripping some pow, or sending it in the black park at Whistler, or doing laps in Mammoth, California.

The best way for this to happen is to get a small group of friends together so I can come to you and we can do a kick ass private camp.

Email for details:

Option # 2: Sport Psychology Training (Serious Athletes Only!)

inspirational-bruce-lee-quotes8This is for those riders who are die hard fanatics! The mental game of any game is important but for snowboarders it’s everything. I’ve worked with professional MMA fighters, snowboarders, skiers and even race car drivers who all wished they did this training sooner!

I’m going to show you how to master the mental game of snowboarding, sport, and possibly even life!

Email me for more information: